Erosion Control

Phillips and Tosco specialize in large industrial and commercial projects.  We provide the following erosion control services and products:

A.  Erosion Control Matting - Erosion control matting is available in all styles and sizes of the "North American Green" line and in a comparable product line of temporary and permanent blankets.  Straw waddles are also available for inlet and outlet protection and wood baffles for the basin.

B.  Silt Fencing - We provide Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) approved silt fencing in 18", 24" and 36" heights.  Also available are re-enforced and super-silt fencing in all sizes.

C.  Hydro-seeding - Hydro-seeding of wetland, upland and basins is available in various seed mixes as specified for remediation projects.  We also provide special mixes for re-forestation, athletic fields and parks.

D.  Stream and River Restoration - Stream and river restoration after hurricanes and/or floods using state of the art equipment and materials is also available.  One of our recent such projects was completed along the Broadhead Creek for Rock-Tenn Paper Mill which suffered damage during Hurricane Ivan.  Several progression photos can be viewed in our portfolio section under "Erosion Control - Rock-Tenn River Stabilization".

E.  Filtrexx Line of Erosion Products - We now offer a full line of Filtrexx socks and reinforcement erosion products.  Ditchchexx, Filter Cell Filtering, Compost Erosion Control Blanket, Living Wall, Green Loxx and Edge Saver are only a few of the Filtrexx products we carry to serve you better.